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Imagine a simple to understand, logical and intuitive software application tailored for your needs. Retain the familiarity of your spreadsheets and mirror the data to your website with user access. Tedious and repetitive forms or calculations previously done by paper or cumbersome spreadsheets are automated by a click of a button or a touch of a screen. References that previously had to be looked up are automatically referenced and applied. You choose how simple or complicated you need it to be. You’re the boss – you instruct what you need the application to do and exactly how. Be in control of the direction of your staff and business.

Do you find yourself in a position where your business has grown and you need help in automating processes? If you are entering the same data on multiple systems or sourcing data from separate reference points, your office efficiency is suffering and subject to increased errors and extra labour costs. We can help you say goodbye to the repetitive data entry of relentless forms or timesheets without ongoing monthly fees and best of all, you get to keep that beloved company spreadsheet you have used for decades.

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We get it!There are countless 'industry software applications' on the market that promise to fulfill your needs and perform the features you require, but the reality is that they never do exactly what you want them to. Often, they leave you feeling like they have robbed you of your identity, as to perform a feature, you often lose the flexibility of another one. This inhibits you to keep the control and direction that you have become accustomed to and you lose all the personalised processes you have built your business on. Then there is the cost. It is not a one off cost. You have to commit and pay costly and ongoing monthly subscriptions, only to have a confusing and complex new system your unique operation might not have required in the first place, causing you confusion, errors and headaches. So what are your options?

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An alternative!If you want to eliminate the manual and repetitive processes without the ongoing monthly costs, and still keep control of your operations, we can help you keep the familiarity you have become accustomed to, by enhancing your website or spreadsheet to communicate with other platforms, such as to send and receive operational data, and allow multiple users to access this data from the office or anywhere remotely. Totally tailored to your request, you instruct how you want the layout to be, which button to perform which task, in what order and at what stage, ensuring you retain full operational understanding and control. Sounds complicated? Where do you start?

Starting is easy!Whether you need an online solution or a simple spreadsheet overhaul, firstly, we identify how you record and store your operational data, whether it be on computer or on paper - if in more than one location or more than once reference, we centralise it all in one place with the features and familiarity you are accustomed to (plus more that you wish to implement or enhance) and make this accessible to your users. You decide who your users will be - whether it be staff, customers, contractors, patrons or partners. Each can be set up with their own unique login to access areas specific to their roles for the purpose of viewing and/or recording data. Very simply, we create a cloud or web-based solution integrated on your own company website and linked to your spreadsheet so off-site contractors can quote via their phones to have instant delivery into your office job file or customers can book or schedule an appointment time straight from your website or cleaners working off-site can enter their timesheets or forms on their phones allowing you real-time alerts of completion and eliminating that dreaded double data entry. Sounds expensive?

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The best part about it, is that it won't cost you a cent until you have a chance to see the time saving potential from our free trial offer and in essence this allows you try before you buy. If our application does not help your business or you are not happy for any reason, there is no obligation to stay or pay - this demonstrates our dedication and commitment to bringing you the best personalised service as we take the time and effort in creating a tailored solution just for you, with the confidence that that once you see the results, you will be eager to implement it. Plus with our current 40% introductory offer, prices start from as little as $295 for streamlined company customized spreadsheets to $795 for data sorting, extraction or web-based solutions. More in depth and comprehensive customised applications can be up to $1195 and are priced thereafter by free consultation & quote. Semi-functional trial sample can be provided so you can try before you buy *larger applications may require a deposit

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